Last night I took a sleeping pill in the hopes that it would help me sleep. It did not help me fall asleep immediately, but when I did sleep I slept hard which was really really nice. It wasn’t enough sleep, but it was nice to get a good solid chunk of sleep.
The other benefit, though, was the amazing dream I had. To describe the dream would leave you wondering why such a collection of boring events would be so exciting. It wasn’t so much what happened in the dream*, but that I was so damned happy and content the whole time. It was amazing. It was this entire, hugely detailed day of happiness and fun. I woke up feeling so happy and contented. Most of the activities in the dream took place with David and I was left with such a feeling of joy.
You ever have one of those dreams where you get really furious at someone and wake up and you still feel angry and you can’t quite reconcile it with the reality? This was like that except no anger and I get to bask in the happy feeling.
Some of the happy feeling dissipated in the freezing cold air of the morning, but the coffee shop cheered me up! and I was hugely productive today!
I’m off to catch up on the dishes and laundry that got neglected in my illness. Go me!
* flying to nevada with my ex’s sister and someone else I didn’t know, flying from the austin airport (i could tell because of how small it was and it’s amazing lack of hardcore security), shipping a case of Drunken Holy Goat Beer with me to nevada, going to David’s parents ranch in nevada (they don’t actually have a ranch in nevada), watching the kayakers race in the olympic kayak course built to run through their house, having the rain leak into my room so much that I would have to share a room with David during my trip, wearing the goofiest clothes, going into town with friends, getting too hot in town and taking off my jeans and putting them in David’s pocket, going to a gamer and comic shop and being mean to the people there (actually, this was weird, I was uncharacteristically mean to the people in this shop. I have no enmity towards gamers and comic people!), taking off my underpants in town as a joke, putting my jeans on to cover my butt, wandering back to the ranch and stumbling into another dream I’d had before where I had to promise a cop to get my act together and leave town, ending up back at the ranch and watching the sun set, checking out the giant red dodge durango david bought for his parents, packing to leave, watching the wild penguins migrating across the property and falling in love with the baby penguins, watching the angry mother penguins chase a ranch hand around for getting too close to the babies.