The blob is my savior

In a fine example of my eternal retardation I decided to self medicate last night. All I had were daytime cold and flu pills and I knew those would keep me awake all night. I needed to sleep, but I would not sleep if I took those pills, and I would not sleep if I did not take those pills.
The solution? Take a vicodin! Mix it all up, take the pills and go to bed! Did it work? You’re reading about it here so you can safely assume it did not work. You can also safely assume it turned me into a snot filled rubber bed monkey for the night.
To add to my confoundedness yesterday i was trapped in this bizarro conversation:
unnamed person: you look so cute today! Your hair is cute and it looks like it has a barette in it
sick me: it…is…a barette?
unnamed person: but it looks like a barette
sick me: indeed.
God I hate being sick. I have so much to do this weekend, I don’t have time to be sick. I need a nap.