So achingly simple…so complexly sweet

Tonight at Target I gave the cashier a quickie-mini-lesson in how to cook kale. She’d never seen it before and was confused by it. I gave her a few methods and stopped after telling her to add it to risotto, I didn’t want to explain risotto.
I will probably add it to risotto. Maybe. I did pick up a butternut squash and curried squash risotto would be good. We’ll see. Tonight is my night off, I made a frozen pizza, I did add tomato, extra cheese and herbs so I was nt a total slacker.
I also bought Maddie a new dog bed. I think she’d had one before and I think ghengis is old enough to not hump everything that will bear his weight. She hasn’t laid on it yet, she’s far too excited by my proximity to lay on it.
So, it’s the month of the growth. My sister went to the doctor in amazing pain and they discovered a 4cm cyst on her ovary. They are in wait and see mode. If it gets bigger, they go take it out, if it doesn’t they leave it to burst on its own. I used to get these fairly regularly, I know her pain.
Then my old friend, Ron, dropped this frightening bomb on me this morning. Fuck.
There is not much I can do for either of them but show my support and fret and worry. So, there you have it guys, the eternal worrier now has something to focus her worry on.
Progress on building my new site has slowed, I’ve been distracted. The same could be said for goat pictures. They’re coming along slowly.
I don’t have much more to say. If anyone would like to join me in my worry for April or Ron, please sign up in the comments section below. I’ve mentioned many times how dear my sister is to me, but I’ve probably not said much of Ron since he moved his punk ass so far from me. Ron is truly one of my favorite people and he is definitely one of those people where it does not matter how long you’ve been apart, you’ll pick right up where you left off…which I suppose is watching him play Castle Wolfenstein at 4:20.
ps. no, i’m not doing NaNoWriMo. One day I’ll write a book, it won’t be this year and it won’t next.