I very much want this strike at Northwest Airlines to be resolved soon. I have tickets to fly to Austin TX next month and I am not keen about the idea of crossing a picket line so to speak. I want this resolved so I can fly without guilt because I don’t think other airlines are going to honor my tickets. I know, most people don’t support unions anymore, and that’s fine, there are probably a number of reasons why that seems like a good idea. I’ll never argue about it. I support them, I have my reasons.
and to shift gears completely…
An insalata caprese should NEVER be dressed with balsamic vinegar. Ever. If you see one with balsamic vinegar you can be sure that they are doing that to hide the lifeless quality of cheap ingredients. Also, if you go buy balsamic vinegar and it’s a lot like, say…vinegar, and it was cheap, then it was not balsamic vinegar it was just regular stuff with caramel color added. Real stuff is slightly sweet, syrupy and nothing at all like the $3 bottle you picked up under the flickering fluorescent lights of your local Food Barn.
My god, what’s up with me? I am really in a mood today.
Okay, I saw a recipe for an insalata caprese and it pissed me off. The point of the salad is to showcase the amazing flavors of very fresh tomatos, basil and mozzarella. In years past I have gone to the store and purchased the mozzarella (the real stuff, not the blocks) and then as i was coming in from the car I would pick my tomatos and basil from the garden. I’d assemble the salad and eat it and the tomatoes would still be warm from the sun. It was heavenly. You put vinegar on that and you lose the subtle flavors and the distinctiveness of each ingredient. Sigh.
short, pointless post today. I need to finish this up and get to shampooing my carpets for the party! go me!