What I did on my summer vacation

A pictorial by heather
Look at me, I’m actually posting pictures of something! You can thank Flickr! I’ve been futzing on Flickr for a bit and came to the conclusion that either I’m really missing something or it’s not offering me anything easier than the set up I’ve got here. So, I had these photos in a folder waiting for some sort of Flickr magic and I just couldn’t find it (this doesn’t mean it’s not there, just that i am a-tarded). So I figured I had them there, may as well edit them and write something snarky.

look where I went! I went to the BWCA! and I lived to tell the tale.

David executing his mad paddling skills. I also have the mad paddling skills, but there is no flattering photographic evidence of such.

This is David’s dad, Don. He has mad kayaking skills and mad dinner making skills.

This is David’s lovely sister, Mary Alice, she has the indespensible mad doctor skills and can keep us from dying.

And this is me. I have mad sausage grilling skills!

Blueberries! Wild blueberries and they’re everywhere. This is a quart and we picked this in no time. Next time we go camping I’m bringing pancake mix.

He’s kind of cute, don’t you think?

These are my feet in a canoe. Why? Why not! My feet are cute.

My feet are cute even in giant clunky hiking boots standing by bear turd.

This is the spider that lived on the toilet that I had to use. I should have put something there for scale like a VW Bug or a dimetrodon. Seriously, that spider was HUGE and stubborn.

Oh shit! The ferns ate him!!!

This is me on a beaver dam. That’s right, i’m just walking on a beaver dam. What are they going to do about it? Nothing! You know why? Because beavers are major pussies. or something like that.

Hot cocoa with toasted marshmallow. Anything better? Probably not.

I totally miss it and I want to go back.

So there, I actually posted the pictures I said I would post AND I posted far fewer than I actually have. I think I might have sent my mom into some sort of catatonic state of picture boredom this weekend and she didn’t even get to see them all!
David: Where’s the picture of you with your hat on sideways?
Me: not in here.
D: Why not?
M: I look retarded
D: Who are you trying to impress? These people know you got problems!