Stab stab stab

a block from the house I get a stabbing pain in my skull. Manage to park the car, get inside and take pain killers. I try to look at cook books for party food ideas and fall asleep. The dogs curl up with me and I dream about drunk driving, the largest dinner ever made for a family reunion and shunning reconciliation.
Now i’m groggy and slow, my head still hurts, though not as sharply as before. David’s getting dinner for me. Sweet guy, that david.
Talked with the vet for a long time today. We’re set on a plan for Maddie, starting slow with easier treatments including peanut butter and pheromones, and working our way up as needed. She assures me that this is not surprising given what Maddie’s been through. I totally figured getting an adult dog would be easier than a puppy. No housetraining, no teething, no obnoxious jumping when you are trying to snuggle with your boy. Yeah, we don’t have those issues, we have others that are equally as time consuming.
Also, I have to set her up with an opthamologist to get her eyes looked at.
For the first time ever I saw her choose a toy and play with it tonight. It’s a remnant of a stinky dinosaur. Ghengis is jealous as that was one of his favorites (though he never plays with it anymore). Now they are play-fighting over it. Not only does it make him crazy to see her playing with his toy, he just can’t stand that she’s playing alone and not with him.
Two people were shot and killed at the end of the block where I work. I feel so ghetto. Initial reports made it sound like a botched robbery which upset a lot of people on campus since we sort of regularly (not so regularly but often enough) have people mugged at gunpoint as they leave campus. More than one of my coworkers has dealt with this. Now it looks like this was more of a work related/inside job sort of murder. It has nothing to do with the campus or my coworkers.
Normally I can’t hear outside noises in my house, it’s sealed up too tight and insulated too well. This morning the thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms woke me up and scared the shit out of me. Not so cool.
Alright banjoheads, i’m off to put my head down and await my dinner.