hip hoppity

It’snotperfectly clean in here but it’s notnearly as obnoxious as it was. It seemsa shame to waste a beautiful day like this staying inside and cleaning, but it just had to be done.
and it had tobe donein rabbit ears. Don’t ask me why.
Have I mentioned how much I love my vacuum cleaner? If not, letmetell you,I love this thing. It’s an amazing piece of machinery AND I got it for less than half price which makes it even better.
You know what else I got for cheap? My camera and printer. The printer can hook up to a computer and print or you can attach your camera to it and print from there. not only can you do that but you can edit your photos on the camera itself before you print them. HUZZAH. Today I actually took the time and figured it all out and printed a picture of a close up of Ghengis’ face. Now I need picture frams and lots of them. Lots of them. And I need places to stick all these framed photos.
I think IKEA is calling my name…saying ‘heather…come buy frames from me…’ and I am saying ‘yeah…okay…’
The problem with having a digital camera is that you photodocument everything without worrying about film or anything. Today I memorialized the process of making 2 americanos for breakfast (hot for him, iced for me). I have a billion dog pictures. I have a macro-photo of the sushi on my purse. I am snap-happy (which is not the same as snapper-happy).
Once I get the USB cable I can start printing up old pictures. I’m pretty excited about that. I don’t know how long the ink tanks last. They’re fairly cheap to purchase so i suspect they don’t last long. Surprisingly, Amazon has the cheapest prices. I’ll probably order some just to have on hand for when I do run out. What I like is that each tank replaces seperately so you’re not tossing out partially full tanks just to replace an empty color.
Last night I heard the two filthiest, most obnoxious jokes ever. I couldn’t ever repeat them. Just terrible. I laughed so hard. I am so wrong.
Okay, the house is clean, the pictures they do print, I’m hungry!
I have to go get the laundry and do the dishes. Exciting?