It’s not early morning by any means, but it’s those few minutes alone in the morning that find me sitting here plotting out my day. It’s quiet, there’s a dog curled up on my feet, there’s a special someone still curled up down the hall.
The funny thing about Thanksgiving weekend is that after two days of goofing off you feel like you weekend is over only to realize you have two more days. Today must start with some house cleaning, but that always goes faster than I expect it to. Then off to play for the rest of the day.
Thanksgiving went well, as expected. This year there were only 4 of us, myself, my sister, David and David’s friend John. I made the standards (parenthetically speaking of course), turkey (organic, free range, too dry), stuffing (with dried fruit, nuts and pumpkin seeds), mashed potatoes (with burnt green onions), sweet potatoes (mashed with brown butter and garam masala), and gravy (giblet of course). Also put out a cheese plate (naturally), Humboldt fog, Point Reyes Blue and Dubliner cheddar along with olives, candied walnuts and grapes. I need to stop buying cheese at Whole Foods, they never have what I’m looking for (mirableu sheep’s milk blue from spain, neils yard dairy cheddar, Brillat Savarin brie. All solidly good cheeses, al exactly what I wanted) and I end up settling for other things.
John brought an absolutely delicious salmon with ginger and garlic, so damned tasty, along with green beans and carrots in a black bean sauce. One would think Chinese food would be incongruous to the Thanksgiving meal, but it was quite the opposite, the food was divine and added a delicious counterpoint to the traditional fare.
This weekend has been the most relaxing one I’ve had in a few months. Cooking for people, hanging out with friends who enjoy your company, watching SpongeBob dvd’s all afternoon with someone who enjoys them. These are good things that I’d almost forgotten.
The dishwasher calls my name and the vacuum sings her sweet song just for me.
Stay foamy, peeps.
ps the first snowfall is here. crap. I find that most of the people who enjoy snow and winter are the ones who don’t actually have to shovel. Luckily, the first snowfall never sticks.