Happiness is watching the spaced out joy on a puppy’s face as he chews a rawhide 10 times too big for him. Happiness is the 90 minutes of peace this buys me.
The sucky think about being ‘mostly recovered’ from your alien strep infection is that you forget that you still need to rest. I went out this morning, ran a million errands, came home to do laundry and I’m exhausted. So I’ll rest a bit and then continue on with my Saturday ‘chores’.
It’s been classic October weather, blustery, chilled, rainy and grey. It’s sort of depressing, but it also puts me in the mood to cook. Tomorrow is total roast chicken dinner day. The weather reminds me that I can’t do another winter in Minnesota, i just don’t have it in me to deal with it.
I finally harangued T-Mobile into giving me the big big discount I wanted on the phone I wanted. Had them note the credit on my account and headed to the store. They don’t have the phone in stock, they don’t know when it will be in stock. Dammit. It’s the cheapest phone they have that has the 2 features I need, custom ring for each caller (not call groups) and the ability to be used in Ireland. It also has a camera, can’t seem to avoid that, so I guess I’ll be camera phoning it and you know that what means, another empty promise to post more pictures on here.
Okay, enough pointless rambling. Laundry, nap, knitting and roasted pork ribs for dinner.