Sadly, I had to cancel the date with Russ tonight in order to prepare for another open house. Buy my house already!! So instead of gigabit network switches and…well, it’s spot cleaning the carpet and making it look like fashionable spartans live here.
Well, I guess this means that I have more time to pack, or something.
Okay, also, I discovered where to get cheap cigarettes. They were out of my trashy Camel Lights, so I decided to order 2 cartons ($32 total WITH shipping) of the oh so swank European Camel Lights. Figured they were the same thing, but with pretty blue packaging. I’m wrong so often, you’d think I’d be used to it by now. European efficiency shines through in these smokes! They smoke faster, not sure why, but it means I smoke more. The filter is way less dense so I get more tar, formeldehyde and arsenic in my lungs with every puff. They also just seem to be a harsher blend of tobacco, chemicals and poisons. I’m getting cancer quicker and more efficiently than I would have on my normal lazy, American, pig-dog cigarettes. (I had to take out my little german phrase here as Babelfish translated ‘Cancers of the world unite’ into ‘crabs of the world unite’ thinking I was refering to the astrological sign. As humorous as I think it is to call together the crustaceans of the world and have them rise up against you, I just don’t think it’s germane to the conversation at hand)
One more thing…
Today I received a text message from a friend. He sent me a compliment that meant the world to me…
“Myself and Geoff were just out for a drink and we both agreed that you have the most beautiful, mirthful and infectious laugh of anyone we know.”
Made me want to cry to read that. Thank you, boys, it made my day.
Cancer break then more carpet cleaning fun!