The Fig Lambic

In 48 hours I will be on a flight to Austin, TX. In Austin I will eat the chicken fried steak of the gods, rock out to various and sundry popular music acts, explore Austin, try to buy live armadillos as souvenirs for my friends and family, and hang out with Ethan who I havent seen in over 2 years and I miss terribly.
I have much to do before i leave including house cleaning, shopping, and my personal favorite, ‘fat-pants laundry’. Fat-pants laundry is the laundry you do when you need EVERYTHING clean so you put on those pants that you never wear because they make you look hugely fat and you wash everything else.
I’m bringing my laptop and will try to post from Austin if I have time.
In other news…
Got my hair done last night. Owen is such a magician! Slightly silver tinted platinum blond hair with deep purple highlights. Picture later if I can get one that doesn’t make me look…HUGELY FAT!!!
I got invited to a wedding next month. It’s all formal attire. Dang. So, now I need to find a dress that doesn’t make me look like the hindenburg or cthulhu and I need to find a suitable date. The thing about the date is that they need to own a ‘formal attire’ appropriate outfit AND be into the post-wedding makeout session. The post-wedding makeout session is non-negotiable, it must happen. It’s the best part of the wedding. The only bright side to having to buy a dress is that the groom assured me it would be quite alright for me to dye my hair to match my dress. Nice. Envious?
Stay foamy, peeps.