The Eternal Debate

Every summer the college I work for hosts high school kids for a couple weeks at a time to do things like learn how to be an artist (there are classes in mismatching your clothes, god-complexing, and ironic rockabilly this year). The kids live on campus and occasionally get busted and sent home for underage drinking.
They also get fed.
The cafeteria is normally closed in the summers, but during these sessions (2 weeks at a time) they open to feed the kids. The kids eat free, staff and faculty not involved in the process pay. Since i am such a kind and gentle soul who helps facilitate cafeteria functions when things break, i also get to eat for free.
Eating for free is good, but the food is bad. So I’m torn. I’m hungry, I want to eat, I don’t really want to spend money if I don’t have to, but the food sucks. Yesterday I figured salad bar would be a good idea. I was wrong. All of the vegetable (broccoli, chick peas, cherry tomatoes) had the same weird bitter taste. Nothing tasted right. Today the bbq pork sandwich had little to no sauce. The roast beef sandwich the other day wasn’t very good either.
Actually, the problem is that everything tastes like a lack of effort and cut corners. It’s all cheap, second rate service pack food. There is no love or thought or effort put into anything. Pudding from giant cans, generic miracle whip, oily french dressing.
I hate to complain about something that’s free, I really should be more appreciative. Or, more to the point, if I don’t like it, I could just go pay for food that was better, but I don’t want to. I want to complain, but I’ll eat it out of sheer laziness.