Hit and Run

I don’t have enough of any one thing to make a post with (not that I post much of substance, but you know I like to have a couple paragraphs when possible) so here’s a little bit of everything
Favorite song at the moment is Morphine’s In Spite of Me. I’d heard it before and it’s on a mix cd that Mark made for me, but the other night it was playing and suddenly grabbed me for whatever reason. It’s getting heavy rotation in the car, which is hard since it’s a short song. Also, I need you to appreciate how hard it is to find a lyrics site not completely futzed with pop-ups.
I finally got green nail polish and I am in love with it. MAC’s Aloe Aloe green, got it from my mom for my birthday. I’m always on the lookout for good green nail polish and could never find it. I have 87,000 shades of blue since everyone has good shades of blue and when I go looking for green I end up buying blue as a consolation color. Finally, green.
It suddenly occured to me that this was a holiday weekend, a nice long weekend and I have no plans. Shit. I need a friend with a place on a lake. I live in Minnesota, how is it that I don’t have a friend with a lake place?? Of course my mom lives on a lake, but, while I love my mom and all, ‘friend with a lake place’ should really be seen as ‘friend with a place for uninhibited debauchery and no neighbors’.
Social Security Sex – you get a little something every month, but it’s not enough to live on.
In playing tug-of-war with the puppy i’ve pulled out a couple of his baby teeth. Freaky. Also bloody and gross.
Countdown to Baltimore is still on. Every day it gets less scary and more exciting. There are a lot of people and things that I will miss terribly in the move, but there are a lot of people and things out there waiting for me.
There you have it. A lot of little bits. My new tattoo idea is “Illegitimis non carborundum”. I’ll get it on my forearm, it’s a good thing to remind yourself.