So Long

No, not forever, you will never be that lucky.
I’m off for the weekend. I’m taking the Ghenginator and we are heading up to my mom’s for the weekend. i’ve had a shitty 2 weeks and, basically, I need my mom. She’ll make me soft boiled eggs and tea and we’ll watch movies and sit on the porch swing and watch the lake. It will be good and comforting.
If things go well, i’ll be recharged and relaxed. I’ll have a little more steel in my sternum to help me face whatever life tosses my way. This will be good, I feel relaxed and happy already.
I’ll miss you guys, but only because there is no technology up there!! If you miss me, love me, or just want to let me know what a pinch of bile i am, send it to my phone and I’ll respond in kind!
Love you, miss you, talk to you later