I am completely and totally enamored with having a dog. I had a dog in high school, but she came fully trained. This guy comes to me as a puppy and I have to figure out how he communicates and all that so that we can make each other happy. And that’s really what’s fascinating for me. I’ve had cats all these past ten years and cats are pretty much self trainable. They know what they want, they get it done, if what they want is also what you want then it is a happy coincidence. Dogs aren’t like that. They know what they want, but they also want to know what you want and they want to strike a deal with you. They are interested in what you think, they want your input. Unfortunately, we don’t speak the same language, so it gets frustrating at times. Also, occasionally, they do want something you don’t want, like to remove chunks of your flesh as you sleep, but they’re willing to make a sacrifice in exchange for some snausages and a belly rub.
I know I am posting too much about my dog, but dammit, how could I not??