Tight Squeeze

I have this fun habit of never ever deleting phone numbers or email addresses, especially phone numbers in my cell phone. Any time I get someone’s number I throw it in my phone book and save it. makes ofr a fun game when you look at a name and cryptic abbreviation next to it trying to figure out who it is and what the abbreviation means.
Don NV?
John C H 2???
What the hell. It’s a fun game. Anyway i went to add a new number to my phone book this morning and i was out of room. Sad. I finally gave in and got rid of all the numbers i knew I would not be using any time soon or ever again. Goodbye Matt, Don, Donn, Dan, John, James, Daniel and Stella. Not only does this clear up space in my phone, but it also helps (just a little) to prevent that annoying habit I have of sending text messages to the wrong people because i can’t be bothered to look closely enough at the phone before I send.
Okay, that won’t actually get better. Word to the wise, if my message to you is cryptic or apropo of nothing, then it was probably not for you.
If you’re bored, send an email to my phone, cornmeal@plinko.net! It’ll be fun and I’ll respond.