Playing Favorites

Hey, look at what I found via Mark’s website!
At this moment, what is your favorite…
1. …song?
Pearly by Radiohead
“That’s where she got her sweet tooth for white boys”
2. …food?
Right now I’m just gonna have to say bbq pork and milkshakes and puffy cheetohs.
Welcome to pms where becoming orca fat and being housebound for the rest of your life seems like a viable option.
3. …tv show?
hmmm…I’m one of those assholes that doesn’t watch tv, but not for moral reasons or anything. I just don’t watch it because if I did i would watch too much and never get anything else done. When I did watch tv, it was mostly nature shows. I’m a dork, what cann I say.
4. …scent?
Sandalwood. Yum.
5. …quote?
For such a little woman, you are so full of misery