My Trip

A short essay by Heather
Fly into Dulles, the stupidest airport ever. Ever. Take the shuttle to my hotel. The original plan was to spend some time at museums on the mall before having to get ready for the evening. But because Dulles is both stupid and far away, I didn’t have time. I checked in with Mark, we firmed up our plans. It was already after 4pm and I realized that the only thing I’d had to eat was 1/2 ounce of airline pretzels and a squirt of soda. I went to Union Station search of food and a phone charger. Got back to the hotel in time to get ready and finish the book I was reading.
Mark showed up a little while later. We hung out in the room getting to know each other, then headed off at 11pm for food and countdown festivities. Afterward, he made sure I got to bed safe and sound.
We went to breakfast, I had tasty tasty french toast. Then off to the zoo where we spent four hours looking at hippos, capybaras, naked mole rats, obscene starfish, pandas, buffalo, kids, gorillas and wolves. I even got an ice cream. One must always have an ice cream at the zoo.
I got over 100 pictures of things at the zoo.
After the zoo, Mark headed to his place to clean up and I headed to the hotel to rest a bit, then we met for dinner, tasty Indian food. Then back to Mark’s place where he entertained me with GTA3 and web silliness among other things.
Mark went to work and I headed off to meet my old friend Jason for dim sum. Jason is totally silly and a lot of fun and I had missed him a lot. At one point he looked around the room and then declared himself the awesomest guy in the room. He was probably right. We hung out for a bit then i headed out to meet Doug for beers and sharks. Doug is charismatic and energetic and funny. Absolute joy to hang out with (even if he does sometimes forget that my legs are like half the length of his and I practically have to run to keep up!).
We head to one bar, but it isn’t open yet, and I have to pee. He takes me to a hotel bar where I can pee and we can have a beer. Bartender starts happy hour early for us because he can see that we are both just hugely joyful to be around. Then over to the originally intended bar (the name of which escapes me) and we had more tasty beer.
The aquarium refused us entrance as it seemed that everyone in this quadrant of the galaxy had decided to go to the aquarium that day. Doug showed me around the city and impressed me with his knowledge of science fiction fantasy books. One more bar and dinner, then back to DC for more beer and fun.
We got to Brickskellers early so We hung out for a bit and waited for Mark. The three of us waited for James for a bit then went and got a table. Mark and Doug are fun on their own, but they become exponentially more amusing when they’re together. Also, we checked out chicks together and that’s fun. James FINALLY showed up and the party became a raucous soiree. After many beers and laughs we headed out for giant pizza and then the long trek back to find the car. Doug dropped Mark and I off and Mark made sure I was tucked in safe for the night.
Mark and I had lunch at a place with good food but bold rats running the floor!!! I have seen so many rats on this trip. Back to the hotel for entertainment, platonic cuddling and football watching. I don’t sleep very well, and I rarely sleep when out of town so by saturday I was exhausted. I had hoped to see a bunch of stuff on the mall, but I just didn’t have the energy. Sushi for dinner and then up until 5am cuddling and talking.
Mark and I just hung out and entertained ourselves a bit before he took me to the airport. The ride to the airport was sad, and it didn’t help that he played the saddest music ever. Sad. He dropped me off and I cried, I always do. Flight back was uneventful and I kept dozing off.
Wish i had something more interesting to write about the trip.
I can’t express enough the kindness and generosity of both Mark and Doug. they are both truly sweet, fun people to spend time with and both went out of their way to make me feel welcome.