The guy on the radio says to me, “It’s 26 degrees out, gonna be a warm holiday.”
So I get in my car, it tells me it’s 23. It’s not warm. I mean sure, compared to the temp in mid January it’s warm. Compared to deep space, it’s balmy.
Sitting there in my car, waiting for the seat warmers to kick in and having the window cracked for my morning cigarette. Freezing. I keep losing my gloves, so my hands are going numb on me. On top of it all, the shirt I’m wearing is open to my cleavage so I’ve got wind whipping down my shirt.
Most days you couldn’t convince me to live anywhere else, too many things here I like. On days like today, something as minor as the weather would be enough to sway me.
Anyone out there looking to adopt a moody 30 year old?