Intent and Execution

A plot was hatched, a plan meticulously executed. Symbolism and punishment would go hand in hand. Someone wanted to send a message to the world and they wanted to use highly visible symbols of money and freedom to make their point.
Sure, they knew people would be in the buildings, they planned it that way. Did they realize individuals would be in the buildings? Did they not think that they weren’t just Americans or Infidels in the buildings, but real, live, individual humans?
* The 40-something mom of a 15 year old girl – a girl who is excited about going to her first Homecoming dance next month. This mother sat down at her desk absentmindedly while thinking about the cost of formal gowns, dyed shoes and make-up. She wonders if she will let her daughter go strapless. She looks up and never comprehends what she sees before her body is crushed under the nose of the plane.
* A young man in his 20’s gets to his office and chats with his co-workers. He logs onto his computer and glances at a picture of his mother. Suddenly all goes dark, everything shakes and buckles. He screams and hits the floors. Minutes later, the noise subsides a bit; the plane struck the building below them, but he is okay. His fear turns to hope and he thinks of his mother fighting cancer. He knows that if he can survive this, his mother can beat cancer. His world lists and he is sick with the realization that he will never see the end of this day.
* A veteran firefighter rushes into the building driven by adrenaline and instinct. His only goal is to stop a life from ending. People stream past him, but they are walking and able to get out. He searches for those who need assistance. He spots an unconscious woman; she is bleeding heavily from her head but still breathing. He picks her up and rushes her out to waiting paramedics and re-enters the building. A teenager is screaming and crying. He grabs the boy and reassures him that they will be okay. These are his last words and he never doubted them.
The numbers will be staggering and we will never comprehend just how many lives ended on a day that began with so much hope. Never forget that each number represents a person.