My entry into the geek world is almost complete. Last week my brand new iBook arrived. I won’t bore you with technical details; it was the middle of the road model, not too weak, but not too expensive. Perfect for what I do, which is sitting on my couch writing updates for my voracious fans (Hi Ron, hi Samn).
I named her Pickle. I had been trying to find the perfect name for her based on her appearances. She is pearl white all over and so names like creamy and whippie were considered. Spoober also got an iBook the same time as me and she had named hers minty as it reminded her of white peppermint. Usually my appliances are given names based on their appliance names (the stand mixer’s name is Stan, Ric is the rice cooker, Foo is the food processor, and so on). Sometimes a name will have more to do with it’s looks. Why did I name my computer Pickle? I don’t know.