This week in food:

It’s grilling time! This week on the grill I have steaks, pork ribs and burgers. Due to inclement weather, I was forced to use the broiler on my skewers of chicken, fresh pineapple and coconut chunks.
Saturday night I had friends over and wowed them with a pretty good meal:
* French bread rounds with brie, green apple and Westphalian ham
* Spinach salad with fruit and raspberry vinaigrette
* Steaks topped with butter sauce, blue cheese and walnuts
* Parmesan Potato Gratin
* Sugar Snap Peas with herbed butter
* Rosemary Focaccia
* A Super Faboo lime almond cheesecake lovingly made by my dear love.
The next day was book club and I did a brunch for that. Made a spinach, potato and bacon frittata and fruit smoothies.
Next weekend is Easter, can’t wait.