oh yeah! hey!

Um yeah, went to Chicago and came back! and I have to go again this weekend!
And I would write about it but I’m still pretty exhausted.
1. finished most of the Christmas shopping
1a. finding myself less and less interested in Christmas as the years go by. Whatever it may have been, it’s pretty much just turned into obligatory product exchanges and a reason to double up on the ‘mood enhancers’.
2. Had the awesomest time ever with the kids and Lisa and John.
3. Missed the hell out of David. I mean really really missed him.
3a. also missed the dogs
3b. the dogs have been plastered to my body since I got home.
4. Cloverfield has good explosions and a pretty good monster but it’s like every character is trying to function after 3 beers and a frontal lobotomy. “There’s a gigantic fucking monster breaking things…I think I will run towards it to try to save someone who might already be dead.” “I’m flying a helicopter over a city being ravaged by a gigantic fucking monster. I think I will fly directly over it instead of flying away from it.”
5. I absolutely loathe the children’s television show “Dragon Tales”. I mean like seriously hate that shit. What the fuck is a kid supposed to learn from a show with absolutely no conflict/resolution? And why is Cheech their teacher?
6. I had prosciutto wrapped fresh mozz for dinner. it was pretty good.
7. I’m going to go have a snow man ice cream head.

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  1. RE #5:
    Ohmygod yes. This. I do not like Dragontales AT ALL, and I’m pretty good with most children’s telivision. Worse than Barney, even, because it takes place in “another world” that makes no sense!!

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