hi HI hhihihihiii!

Hi hi HI HI HI!!! hi!
Hi! HI! My name is Chester. I am CHESTER! I am the dog that lives with the lady and the man and the doofus Maddie! That is me! and I am doing the thing that is telling you about the thing that is….

The lady. OH MY GOD!!! Okay, you know the lady? She is the lady that does the things that are take you to the dog park and also put cuddles on you and put your warmiecoat on you! Right? You know this lady? YOU KNOW HER!! I know you know her because my name is Chester and the thing that I know is all of the stuff! Right! YEAH!!!
So the lady did the thing that was dye the yarn and spin the yarn and say the thing that was “Chester! Get the hell away from the wool or I will put you in a box and mail you up someone’s butt!”
SHE DID THOSE THINGS!!! And now the thing that she is doing is she is selling the yarn to the peoples that are not her or the man (the man! he does not do things with yarn! he does things that are running with Chester and eating a burrito!!!). So
OH MY GOD! Okay so my name is Chester and the thing that I get to do is tell you that there is yarn and that if you want a yarn you can buy the yarn and if I tell you this then I can have the thing that is the peanut butter biscuit!! Right!!