HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! sshhhhhhh HI

Hi! OKAY!!! HI!!
oh wait…..ssshhhhhhhhhh
the lady and the man are doing the thing that is the kissing and so
ha ha ha!! they sound like doofuses!
I got the laptop and I am in the living room and I have to tell you things! Okay!! HI HI HI!!! HI!!!! okay! yeah…HI!!
Maybe I should be the thing that is quiet? ha ha ha HI HI HI!!! I could explode 14 bombs (not the Maddie kind) and they would not notice. People are not as smart as me! Chester!
OH MY GOD!!! I Forgot! My name is CHESTER and I am here and I know the thing that is all of the stuff and my name is Chester!
Remember that. It is important to know this. To know that I am Chester.
Can you tell? YEAH!
So the lady did the thing that was not be home for some days. and she did this TWO TIMES!!! Can you believe it? You have to believe it because I am Chester and I am telling you and I know things! and I told you this: The lady was gone for days and she did this two times!
And I don’t know where she went but I think it was a place with strange food! I KNOW!!!! Because when she did the thing that was come home she also did the thing that was “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah” until I thought I would die from the sheer BLAH of it all! ha ha ha!! Okay! I love jokes! my favorite joke is about the man and how he picks UP my poop! HA HA HA HA
oh my god!! that is so funny! it is never not funny! everytime I say it it is funny! Right? Of course!!
So the lady came home and she talked and talked and talked and all she talked about was something called a Declan and something called a Fiona and I think that a Declan must be some kind of burrito and a Fiona must be some sort of waffle because the lady eats those a lot and she said them enough to be the amount of times she has eaten burritos and waffles
OH MY GOD!!! I just did a mathematic! DID YOU SEE THAT!!! Go back GO GO GO GO!!! Oh my god go read that! It is a mathematic! Maddie can’t do one! only I can do a mathematic.
I am Chester and I am the SMARTEST LITTLE EVER (except I’m not A little, because I have all the age that is grown up, but I am the thing that is little).
Yeah, so the lady went away and she came back and she ate lots of Declan and Fiona! and she drove a lot to get these so I think they might be very specials or something because she can get the burritos and waffles here without driving too much but she drove a lot.
But the thing that is nice is that when she comes home she gives me the hugs and she says the things that are truths like “good boy” and “you are so sweet!”
OH MY GOD !!!! OH NO!!! also a thing that is terrible happened!!! the man did a terrible to me (Chester) and Maddie!!! DO YOU KNOW??? I will tell you! It is so terrible you should do the thing that is start crying right now so that you will know!
The man did the thing to me and Maddie where he made us go into the place where he makes his peewees and poohibbities and stuck us in the water kennel!!!! and he did the thing that was make us all wet and then make us all foamy and more wet!!!! and I was all the thing that was “I think that the thing that I will do is go to a room that is less offensive!” but he was the thing that was the boss of me! and when he was done! DO YOU KNOW??
Send your littles from the room, this is so much of a badness that your littles might see it and have badnesses!!
I SMELLED LIKE HIS HEAD!!!! yeah!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I did the snuffles on me and all I smelled was his HEAD!!! all over my body!! and also! My fur did the thing that was be fluffy and the lady liked that but the lady has the thing that is emotional problems and likes things that are…DUMB!!! and DOOFUS!!! Like Maddie! shelikes MADDIE and MADDIE is a doofus that has been certified by the thing that is the official board of certifying doofuses!
YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE ME!!! I know these things! I know them because I am Chester. I know 100% of all of the things!
Oh my god!!!
The lady and the man are not doing their stupidness anymore. It is probably the time that I pretend to go care!
Okay, my name is Chester and you like me and want to pet me!!
and SAVE ME!!!!

9 thoughts on “HI HI HI HI HI HI!!! sshhhhhhh HI

  1. So Chester, you do know that the man loves you too right? And that you are silly. And Molly says HI!! Hi Chester!!!

  2. Emma says you shouldn’t remind her people of the foamy water thing, especially not in January in Minnesota. Now she’s going to have to have a bath AND endure the drier!

  3. Phoebe and Maple say HI HI HI CHESTER. WE KNOW your name is CHESTER, and our names are PHOEBE and MAPLE! HI HI HI!

  4. HI CHESTER! HI HI HI! POKE (that was my nose, I poke everything with my nose-Aspen) OH MY GOD, you make Momma & Daddy laugh so hard! We love you! We are ASPEN & MEADOW and we know stuff too! Like where the cookies are kept and how to get to the park.

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