Dear people who know me and also the people who sort of know of me but maybe aren’t on a first name basis with me,
The Ravelry Mini-Mart has been made accessible to those of you who do not have Ravelry accounts. This is important because otherwise you would not be able to order Ravelry hoodies or Disagree(1) t-shirts…for me…because you want me to look my Ravelbest!
For those of you following the awesome yarn sales over at my etsy shop
1. Got a batch of HippoMoon roving ready to draft and spin. Give me a few days and I will have some more HippoMoon in stock
2. DJ Stegosaurawk is in the hizzouse and he wants to rock you!
3. The Emperor’s Aurora is gone again. This one is really time intensive, I can spend an entire day drafting together one skein. It will probably be a while before I get some more.
4. In news of awesomeness, I got permission from Jonathan Coulton‘s assistant, Scarface, to name my Pluto/Charon yarn after his song, ‘I’m Your Moon‘. It was not my intention originally to relate the yarn to the song, but every time I worked on the yarn I got the song stuck in my head and whenever I described the story for the yarn people would say, “oh! like that Jonathan Coulton song”. The roving is up and drying for that.
That’s all my foamy peeps. Have an awesome Thursday!

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