Hi, i am alive

Update: Relatively certain I can avoid surgery on my eye. I do have a posterior vitreous detachment, but it’s minor and has not caused any damage to my retina. On the other hand my vision is a tad blurred and I can’t make the fixed point dots leave. The bright side? My eye has a bunch of floaters so it’s kind of like my own personal snow globe in my head. The bad side of that? I look a little insane when people catch me tipping my head around with one I open staring at a blank piece of white paper.
Jerk Dogs: I was in the shower yesterday and the dogs started barking like the insane little assholes they are. They know I’m in the shower and that I am not inclined to get out of the shower and run around dripping wet, naked and screaming unless there is a centipede or humping involved.
Maybe Not Jerks?: While I was in the shower yesterday a package was being delivered and its delivery set the dogs to barking. I never get packages delivered before work! It was yarn! Awesomer! I bought yarn for an Irish cabled sweater, a Doris Chan sweater and some experimental yarn for a shawl that I am being a pattern tester on!
Weird: As I walked to my car I found two perfectly formed sparrow’s wings in the yard. Seems a cat caught a bird and was too full for the wings.
Lovely: Someone brought me the world’s most beautiful cupcake! The hard part was getting it home without ruining the icing so that I could share it with David. Even better? It was red velvet.
Arrested Development: I borrowed the first two seasons from Roxy. It’s funny but I can see how it would be better if watched one episode a week. All of them at once gets a little…repetitive. A lot of the same set ups and jokes and all that. Good writing though, very funny moments.
BBQ: Had a little memorial day shindig. Fired up the grill for the first time in…almost two years? Damn. Did brats both meaty and Boca, a grilled veggie salad, grilled corn, minnesota cole slaw and Jarritos floats for dessert. It was a good reminder to keep my shit together.
Yeah, it’s cool…: Just been kind of distracted lately

2 thoughts on “Hi, i am alive

  1. I liked reading your blog; you sound ENERGETIC and I am glad your eye will be OK. What a pain, but hopefully, all will be well. Just reading knitting blogs from Ravelry people today, and hit upon you. Ciao!

  2. The kitty was waiting for you to bring out the Buffalo sauce! Yay for packages! Boo for the eye thing! How many exclamation points can I use?! Too many! I had a blood clot in my eye and lost the center of my vision in it. The good part of that is that I can position people’s faces in my blind spot and pretend that they aren’t actually there.

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