last month I got Joe Jackson and Jackson Brown all mixed up in my head (joe jackson has a higher rating of suckage).
I also get Dan Fogelberg and John Fogarty mixed up all the time. This happens because I am a retard. Remember when Lola Granola had the tattoo of Dan Fogelberg in a scandalous place on her body? Yeah, well up until about 30 minutes ago I always pictured John Fogarty and never thought about it. John Fogarty makes sense in a bad boy tattoo on the ass sort of way. The very fact that Dan Fogelberg does NOT makes sense is what is funny. I just get them mixed up all the time.
Oh, also, Dan Fogelberg died. When I read the headline I pictured John Fogarty and boy…was I confused when I read the list of famous songs. There you have it.
Also, I fixed the comments snafu! Feel free to comment…unless you are a damned spambot trying to get me to lengthen my penis and have trashy orgasms

One thought on “oh…also

  1. Swear to god, first thing I thought of when I heard he’d died was that Bloom County strip.
    “So . . . where is it?”
    “That’s the other secret.”

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