Welcome to another episode of “retarded bathroom escapades”

aaaah the retarded bathroom escapades! where would we be without them. let’s get on with today’s story, shall we…
As with most bathroom escapades, this one started with me having to pee REALLY BAD!!! I did the quick lock-kneed, clenched butt walk down the hall to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom I had to start the pee dance.
Today’s pee dance required me to lean on my right foot, kick my left leg around and sort of hop while I fumbled frantically with the front of my pants. I tried to gracefully add a hip twist to the dance feeling that the hip twist might help with the pants fumbling.
It didn’t help, but it did cause me to fall down and hit my head on the stall wall leaving it a bit bruised. I am waiting to hear back about worker’s comp!
I fell down in the bathroom because I had to pee.