last month I got Joe Jackson and Jackson Brown all mixed up in my head (joe jackson has a higher rating of suckage).
I also get Dan Fogelberg and John Fogarty mixed up all the time. This happens because I am a retard. Remember when Lola Granola had the tattoo of Dan Fogelberg in a scandalous place on her body? Yeah, well up until about 30 minutes ago I always pictured John Fogarty and never thought about it. John Fogarty makes sense in a bad boy tattoo on the ass sort of way. The very fact that Dan Fogelberg does NOT makes sense is what is funny. I just get them mixed up all the time.
Oh, also, Dan Fogelberg died. When I read the headline I pictured John Fogarty and boy…was I confused when I read the list of famous songs. There you have it.
Also, I fixed the comments snafu! Feel free to comment…unless you are a damned spambot trying to get me to lengthen my penis and have trashy orgasms

12 days

It’s been 12 days since my last entry. Busy. Tired. Busy. Tired. Let’s just do a wiener list and get it over with

  • Saw Jonathan Coulton live n the 6th. The room was the largest gathering of ADD, Aspergers, nerds, geeks and awesome I’d ever seen. His live version of Mr Fancy Pants was a billion times more awesome that the version linked. He had a pre-programmed Zendrum that said a lot of pants!
    I could go on forever….his cover of “Baby got Back” “Skullcrusher Mountain” his very creepy and somehow so perfect “The Future Soon”.
    But also, Neil Gaiman was at the show and sitting directly in front of me. I had no idea. I just thought he was some wiener who couldn’t put his damned PDA down. Also, but butt touched his head once. HA! (don’t take it hard, I loved American Gods even if it struck an amazing resemblance to Mieville’s King Rat)
  • I am in the midst of crocheting 8 million mittens! All are original designs except the skull and crossbones mittens (well, I designed the mitten and fixed the pattern on there but the skull pattern is not mine). I am down to the wire, one week left. My hand and brain hurt.
  • It’s a good idea to hit the Surdyks wine sale at 8pm on the last night of said sale. There is actually room to walk around, the employees are free to help you, old ladies are not jamming their carts up your ass trying to get to the last sangiovese primitivo! But, on the other hand, it’s a bad idea. They were out of many of the things we had on our list including the Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Reisling and the Protocolo Tempranillo. Ah well, the staff pointed us to a few new selections and we got to shop in relative calm.
  • My car is currently being a bitch and is on the verge of death. Asshole. I’ve been driving David’s car. It’s been interesting as I’ve only ever gotten lessons on a manual transmission from impatient people or drunk people. I’m getting better, but I wish I could put a sign on the back of the car telling people not to be a jerk to me just because I always stall at intersections. I should probably just wear a helmet and drool while driving.
  • um…the dogs are good, the weather is cold, I have two pints of coffee heath bar crunch in the freezer thanks to the generosity of my awesome secret santa.