Because I’m ocd in all the wrong ways

most ocd people have super super clean houses and they have things lined up …just so. These people are easy to fuck with because all you have to do is move one thing. It’s cruel but it has to be done. I’m all ocd in the wrong areas. My house isn’t clean, far from it. You could move something, I would notice, I would not care. Go ahead, move something.
I’ve somehow managed to channel my ocd into my crochet work (and now that I have Ravelry, I have people who understand). I seek out more and more difficult patterns to work on. I’ve been doing a lot of Fair Isle and tapestry crochet. Dealing with two or more colors at a time requires focus and concentration and is very very calming. I focus only on the crochet and nothing else and nothing bothers me.
I also make more sweaters and things for myself (for me!).
Okay, so I had decided to do this sweater, but I got wise. It got a pretty chilly reception from everyone who looked at it and I have come to accept that no sweater is going to make me look thinner and if I put on that sweater I will end up looking like a giant land anemone. okay fine. Also, the pattern is super super super easy and very repetitive. Instead, I’m making this bad boy. Okay, so here’s the deal, i will have to reshape the sides to fit, but I can do that. Also, I have to promise not to get a wiener perm to match that guy’s hair. Lastly, that damned thing needs sleeves. I will have to design sleeves based on the pattern on the front. So I’m bumping my projects around and this is going to be on the list. I love making crochet cables. So much easier than knit cables, which is an ironic thing to say since I am looking for something more challenging. But really, I’m looking for ‘challenge’ not ‘7th level of hell’.
Also, let’s put this out there as a last call…
If you would like something specific made for you for Christmas or you would like me to make something for you to give to someone for Christmas, it is September 20th. I need to know ASAP so we can work out the details. Felted purses, plaid scarves, robot leg warmers, chenille hats, stuffed animals, whatever. If you go to my lame Flickr account you can see samples of my work, also, my latest hair color adventure and my new glasses. As an aside, I still don’t like Flickr, in fact I really don’t like it, but it’s the only way to do photos on Ravelry and I do like Ravelry so I am willing.
alright peepodlers, I need to get me to work and find all the piles of stuff I need to do.

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