This is how I think…

I have small small feet, probably disproportionately small. Also I am fat.
Over the years I have developed small painful growths on the 5th metatarsi of both feet. Basically, where the phalanges of the baby toes meet the matatarsal bones.
Earlier this summer it came time to replace my sneakers. They were worn out and the EVA midsole was all smooshed and not so bouncy. I purchased the same exact sneakers that I had. Over the course of the summer those bumps ached every time I walked. The pressure was getting to be so much that I dreaded walking the dogs and would often whine to get out of it. I considered seeing an orthopedist, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sometimes you just don’t have the strength to hear another person say, “well, you wouldn’t have this problem if you just made smarter choices, took better care of yourself, stopped being so impulsive with food, exercised more, ate less.” So I stuck it out, figured this was my punishment for years of bad choices and being fat. I’d never had this problem before but i’ve put on a bit of weight lately and I’m getting old.
David is more persistent than I am, also he cares and worries about me. He started investigating. He found that my new sneakers, though the same brand and style, were constructed ever so slightly differently in that particular area. The toe box support on the sides was just a fraction higher. Maybe just a couple millimeters. Such an insignificant thing. Such a tiny sliver of difference. Vasque probably did it in to provide more support in the area. That little sliver of support was not allowing my foot to break in the shoes. One little tiny area was redesigned to push inward and my foot needed it to push outward. I put my old sneakers back on and wore them all weekend.
Bliss. I could walk without pain again. I am not filled with the overwhelming urge to rip my shoes off and cry! And this is where we accept that David is far more logical than I could ever be. I’m too emotional. I’m too quick to blame myself. I’m to quick to say “live with the consequences”.
I’m pretty lucky to have David! Sadly, however, it looks like I will be trading in my much beloved Vasques for a new sneaker. Sigh.