Proof #73 that I am dorkolicious

This is me in an über-slouch, crocheting a scarf, surfing the web and listening to NPR podcasts.
I’m amazed I get laid at all.
Edited to add: You will also notice that I am wearing a Spongebob shirt. What you might not be able to see if that the shirt says “Nebraska Cornhuskers” on it. I think David bought it at a Stuckeys in Tennessee or Mississippi.

scraaaaaaaaatch bump

At work, sitting at my desk thinking about ugly people dorm utility usage when i notice little bumps on my left hand. And they were on my right hand. And they were n my arms….and they kinda itched.
So I scratched because I love me a good scratchin’. and they itched more and I scratched more and my knees and hips were itchy and my shins and I kept scratching and itching and i looked like one of those people that smell like a garage and sit too close to you in the waiting area of city hall (all you want to do is deal with your ticket and get it over with). Ha, I was totally the crazy one.
This morning I was in the shower and my soap was gone so I used David’s. David’s soap is blue and has some sort of man scented manliness to it. I believe this is the “Power Sport Mountain Goat” scent, I’m not sure. It smells nice on him, though. I smelled all manly this morning.
Then I got little bumps that itched and I scraaatched those bumps. Dang. It seems that this soap is not just manly in name but also deed. It did not appreciate being molested by my boobs! It was offended by my lack of man-wiener. It wanted revenge.
It got revenge.
Now, take a minute and really think about every nook and cranny (heh heh cranny) that you wash with soap when you shower. All of them, right? If you don’t say ‘right’ I’m not going to sit by you anymore. all of those places itched.
This was worse than the time we switched detergents and I woke up in the middle of the night all allergic to my underpants.