Hookers of the world! UNITE!

Today is the first day of the Stitch Stirrer plan to build the crochet army! Phase one is always propaganda, so watch out, bizhitchies! The flaming hooks of justice will soon be flying oner a town near you (perhaps joining Ravelry and meeting other crocheters and feeling all empowered isn’t the healthiest thing for my obsessive side).
Todays Theme: Limericks!
There once was a girl with a hook
For patterns she’d nowhere to look
Being quite the slattern
She booked flight to Saturn
Where she lived by hook or by crook
There once was a yarn store in town
That oft made all the hookers frown
With the matter in hand
They formed an angry band
But stopped before the place burned down
Once was a girl with a lizard
That could not survive a blizzard
She hooked up a sweater
He acted no better
But she felt herself a wizard
Okay, that’s enough pain from me!

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