happy happy happy

oh my god! It’s the happiest game ever! Go there and play a happy game and smile.
Try all the Orisinal Games. All of them are super cute, some are more frustrating than others. It’s the thing to do when Ravelry is going oh so super slow!
It’s a good stress reliever! Today I finished most of the first sleeve on my cardigan and I tried it on and OH! I overestimated how fat my arm was. PZANG! Had to pull out the entire sleeve and then close the armhole a little and then recalculate the decreases! I probably won’t have it done by tomorrow and I can’t start any new projects until I finish a project.
I also started to make a loaf of molasses oat bread and didn’t stop to check if I had any molasses left. Molasses is something you never buy, it’s just always up there in the cupboard, it’s label aging away. I actually have to buy molasses on occasion since I like to make the molasses oat bread. I subbed brown sugar. Also added wheat germ and flax seed to give it a hippie feel. Ate it with the homemade wild blue buddy berry blueberry jam (made from the blueberries I picked in the BWCA. It’s really awesome. No, you can’t have any. I’m just telling you about it because I’m an asshole.).
Also, you know what’s good on everything (except fruit, ironically)? Tajin!