It’s not that I don’t love you….

It’s just that I love Ravelry a little more than you right now….
I’m just kidding. Suckers
Anyway, yeah, I’m all over Ravelry like the poopsmith on your droppings. Not only does it help me organize my projects, I can link to all kinds of things and get project ideas and I can talk to other crocheters!! I can spend time talking to other crocheters! Do you know what this means? This means I can be involved in a conversation about the yarn arts and not sit and listen to “knit knit knit knit we all knit knit knit why don’t you knit”
I found a place where I belong!!!
But I’m not all gin and roses, oh no! Today, lets balance the love with a little hate. Let me talk about the bands or musicians that I can’t stand! Having set up Pandora recently I’ve discovered that there is a whole world of crappy music just waiting for me (and a tiny island nation of good music).
1) Polyphonic Spree. Gimmicky gimmickness with a thick syrup of gimmick all over it. Why do you need 23 fucking people in the group? Why? Because you need a gimmick! Take off the robes, stop pretending to be all peace and love and go get punched in the face. 23 people? Come on, the only reason why you have 23 people in your group is because you know I’ll get tired after punching 16 or 17 of you and you’re drawing straws. YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF WIENERS!!!
2) Yo La Tengo. Why don’t we all wear some earth tones, make some pleasant mellow music and then take a break to drink this special free trade organic tibetan herbal tea harvested by buddhist monks so devout they don’t actually breath. You guys are also wieners but if I call you wieners you will probably just offer me some tea.
3) John Mayer. Long time readers already know of my deep seated hatred of John Mayer and his predilection for raping simile and metaphor. John Mayer, you are NOT a wiener, you are a wiener stain.
Dang, I’d love to share more, but I’m still happy from Ravelry. Ha!