yeah, what do cats know

Today I made oven fries on the advice of a cat! and his fries are even better than Pat’s.
I’ve had the Achewood cookbook for a while now and I never made the damned oven fries, totally proclaimed to be the best ever. you know what? They are! They are super good. Of course I overcooked mine, but I think my oven runs hot at high temps. I doused mine in Franks hot sauce, it’s PMS time so it means I am practically drinking the vinegar straight up. yo.
Also, now that I have finally watched the second season of Lost (thank you, Alan) I think I can reasonably say that Hurley is the only good person out there. And I spent most of the season wanting to smack Ana Lucia, even before she shot Shannon. (look, I’m writing about current pop culture!!! except over a year late!).
Okay, I’m off to bed, Emily? Anna? We on for Monch?