who are you freaks, anyway?

Here we go again, you freaks! Time to see what your thought process is before you show up here. December was busy, many more search terms used.

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  • As always, Velvet Cerebellum leads out the list. Yeah, that makes sense.
  • analworld is a popular bet, it’s almost always there. It makes me feel good to know that my mom frequents a website also browsed by people looking for the best in anal entertainment.
  • “gilbert easyasphosting”. Okay, this one fills me with much joy and happiness, more than most of them. If you recall, I struggled for nigh on 3000 hours trying to make Movable Type work on my previous web host’s servers. ‘Gilbert’, one of the falsely name wads from tech ‘support’ in India sent me the fucking microsoft kb article defining the problem and then helpfully suggested that the only way to fix the problem was to contact my network administrator. When I pointed out to ‘Gilbert’ that he sent me a solution that told me to contact sim for support he said “I doubt at the installation part of you”. Fucker. At least I know someone else is having issues with him or one of his drone replacements.
    (as a sidenote, I still recommend LivingDot for your hosting needs. All the tech support is in the US, they speak real English and I have never ever waited more than a few minutes for an email response to any tech question, no matter how retarded.)

  • Stupid Mortals? YEAH!!! Of course a search for Stupid Mortals would send you here and of course all of your Stupid Mortal needs would be met by my website! Need Stupid Mortals? Come to the velvet Cerebellum!
  • Removing vomit smell from leather seats? yeah, I’ll accept that. Chester did vomit all over the leather of my car.
  • Roller derby girl upskirts? FUCK YEAH
  • Off the chain ass 07!!!!! That’s right aaaaw…what?
  • Couple things in there about recipes that i’ve made. That’s cool.
  • Vagina Velvet….upholstering a sofa near you
  • pound vagina. Once again, something I wrote was taken out of context. It’s not “pound vagina” like a command, it’s “100 pound vagina” like my coworker.
  • and my personal favorite this month…Nurse Humping. I had to take off my pants when I read that, I was so excited. Nurse Humping, on my site. Scorching hot.

you people have problems. Deep and serious problems. I’m just glad I provide the outlet for you.