yeah, what do cats know

Today I made oven fries on the advice of a cat! and his fries are even better than Pat’s.
I’ve had the Achewood cookbook for a while now and I never made the damned oven fries, totally proclaimed to be the best ever. you know what? They are! They are super good. Of course I overcooked mine, but I think my oven runs hot at high temps. I doused mine in Franks hot sauce, it’s PMS time so it means I am practically drinking the vinegar straight up. yo.
Also, now that I have finally watched the second season of Lost (thank you, Alan) I think I can reasonably say that Hurley is the only good person out there. And I spent most of the season wanting to smack Ana Lucia, even before she shot Shannon. (look, I’m writing about current pop culture!!! except over a year late!).
Okay, I’m off to bed, Emily? Anna? We on for Monch?

It’s all in the wrist

Saturday was that kind of day where chilling in the tub with the boy and burning through your library books are your highlights. It was incredibly realaxing, exactly what I needed.
but also…..
1) I took this recipe and made it, but instead of using it as an enchilada sauce I threw the pureed result in a big pot, added a large can of hominy (not to be confused with the GIANT can i could also buy), diced tomatoes, kidney beans, black beans and pigeon peas. I thinned it out just a bit and added a touch of brown sugar. Cooked it up into a spicy chili like stew. To my bowl I added chopped pork from the roast I’d made a couple nights earlier. Filling and delicious.
2) In a lazy mode, not feeling like making dinner the other night, David and I prepped some italian kale. Then I sauteed garlic in oil over med-low heat until just golden, added the kale. Sauteed, added a can of diced tomatoes, Penzy’s pasta sprinkle and cooked down some of the liquid. Dumped in cooked pasta. Sometimes the lazy meals end up being the tastiest.
3) This morning I got up and made banana pancakes, served them with home made red squirrel sauce (that I canned myself). Red squirrel is stawberry ginger syrup, sweet, tangy, fruity and sharp. I love it. It was delicious on the pancakes.
4) I’ve started crocheting lace edgings for pillow cases and table cloths. If things work out, everything will go into a christmas box and that box will fill up over the year and people will get presents. Sadly, last year, my plan to make stuffed animals and dolls for all the kids I know kind of got squashed by depression and Ghengis dying. This year, I’m hoping to be more determined about staying on track.
5) I made 3 purses in 5 days and gave them away. I’ll try to get photos posted soon. I’m still on David’s computer and he doesn’t have Photoshop so my photo editing abilities are limited. One purse went to my Auntie Sue, the other two went to a set of cousins. I had to be careful, everyone wanted to steal Auntie Sue’s purse. I was pretty happy with it and would make another for anyone willing to pay for the materials (it’s Japanese wool, I mean, seriously, that shit ain’t cheap).
6) dog are good and sweet and fun to play with. Chester is learning to be my buddy. I definitely need another dog-buddy.