dog dynamics

The other day I was in the kitchen cooking and it occured to me that the dogs had been awfully quiet for some time now. As much as you might want the dogs to be quiet, a pair of quiet dogs is usually a pair of dogs that has teamed up and conspired against you.
I put down my rubber spatula and walked into the living room…

It seems like one of those quiet Rockwellesque moments, but there’s something far more sinister at work here.
Maddie isn’t really a chewer. She will sometimes chew a pig ear or some chicken jerky, but she’s really not all that interested in chewing. She can take hours and hours to chew a rawhide strip, the same strip that Chester or Ghengis would devour in 30 minutes or less. Maddie is not a chewer, but she can be mean.
That’s not her bone, it’s Chester’s bone. Chester DOES chew things but he does not chew rawhide bones. In some cryptic bit of wiring in his head, he cannot actually stop to chew those things he loves to chew the most, he must bury them. He will spend the better part of an afternoon ‘burying’ a bone behind the sofa or under some cushions or in a box of packing peanuts by the backdoor waiting to go down to the basement. After he has buried it, he will find a bone that he has previously buried and he will move that to a new location and bury it all over again. he will do this over and over and over, burying and moving and burying and moving. It’s not uncommon for me to stumble across in a bucket of rags or in with my yarn.
This bone that Maddie has in this photo was one of his favorites, he spent a lot of time and energy trying to keep that bone safe. Maddie found that bone and she took it to her bed, the one place where she is ‘safe’. She must have spent a good hour there intently gnawing on his bone, chewing it up and there was nothing he could do.
When I walked into the living room he just sighed dejectedly and watched her chew.
I only laughed. I laughed and laughed at them. I’m that kind of dog owner. Then I took photos and posted them on the internet.
She doesn’t chew. No, not unless it’s Chester’s bone and she is seeking revenge!