Holy crap. Christmas

Aw crap. Christmas is coming. My plans to make lots of things for lots of people for Christmas this year sort of went to hell.
The doctors and I have been playing brain pill roulette for weeks now trying to find the right combination of brain pills and sleeping pills. It’s hard to be productive when much of your time is spent wanting to puke, cry, sleep or jump off the Ford bridge. Exacerbating the issue is, of course, the loss of Ghengis. Even in the best of times, losing my special little fella would have made me want to puke, cry, sleep and jump off the Ford bridge.
Suffice to say, it’s been immensely hard to concentrate and that’s been frustrating.
Alex has been making homemade jams and it got me thinking and I might just be motivated to get some canning done. Flipping through my recipes, I’ve settled on some jams, some pickles, mustards and fruit relishes. Between that and pumping out a few scarves, I think maybe I can get some gifts together.
hmmm, maybe I’ll go up to my mom’s for a weekend and she and I can spend a weekend together canning. She’s a billion times more organized than I am! Hey mom! you reading this? Wouldn’t you LOVE to spend an entire weekend with me making a mess of your kitchen? You have a dishwasher, right?

…and we fly coach

we’re so damned low class we’re drinkin’ our red wine outta white wine glasses!
Also, David ordered new checks tonight and he’s getting “What’s wrong with being Awesome?” printed in the extra line under the address and “From the Orphans’ Christmas Fund…to You” above the signature line. Personally, I think he should have gotten the “Life on the Farm” checks, but what are you gonna do?
Today, Chester went to the dog park for the first time. He was happy enough to see the people, but too scared and nippy around the other dogs. We’ll just have to keep taking him and socializing him. We’ll get him enrolled in obedience classes, too, that will help immensely. it was 15 fucking degrees out. We didn’t stay long.
blah blah blah
(analworld, vaginal plunger, clown car, meatball subs, biggus dickus)