oh my god

I want my computer back! I want the comforting sound of emails coming in every minute. I want to be able to look up common porn names and see how often they overlap on a whime.
I don’t want to sit in the basement to use David’s computer.
Also, dogs are way way way cute.
David is super neato
I’ll be out of town this weekend and that will help the withdrawals


It seems my laptop is well and truly fucked. Not just regular fucked, but double plus fucked. Hard.
It’s sitting upstairs in the tech guy cave being worked on. Initial efforts were futile, hours of work yielded no results. Starting tomorrow they will do the hard core data recovery thing they do. It will take 3 days. If it works I will be happy, if it doesn’t work the base price for data recovery at the recommended tech shop in town is $250. Then add a new hard drive ($200 for labor and materials and a new fan ($100 for labor and materials). Jesus, I could cry.
I am trying to decide how important my data is. I got my photos off there and for that I am grateful. If I hadn’t there’d be no discussion. I’d do whatever it took to recover my Ghengis photos. I woud like my emails back. I’m not much of an email archiver. I’ll save things for a while and then cull the lot. I’d recently cut out anything I was saving for pointless sentimental value. On the other hand, I did have every email David ever sent me and I would like those back. The music? meh. Most of that can be found again. Much of it is on cd’s somewhere.
There are some documents, articles I’d written and had published, bits and pieces I’d pulled from one place or another. In the scheme of things, nothing too terrible.
The hard part? I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m sitting there at home alone. usually I have 2 or three things going, a movie, a crochet project, the cooking group…I got none of that. Sigh-bot. I’ll actually have to be productive now.
If anyone would like to kick into a fund to get me a new MacBook pro, it would be greatly appreciated.