one more wave to tumble through

All was well, everything was fine. There I was, in the shower and another wave from the ocean of grief knocked me down.
I was blindsided.
This morning, all I wanted was Ghengis back for just one day. Just one day to play stinky dinosaur and go to the dog park, one day to feed him carrots and play tug-o-war.
One day to hold him, to smell him, to tickle his big fat paws again. To rub his belly and listen to him mudgeon around. To give him Frosty Paws and take his picture. I just want to see him sit up and pray one more time. I just want to take him on one more walk. One more evening of him passed out on my lap.
I want to watch him tumble around on the floor with David and Maddie again. I want to see them feel the joy of having Ghengis back for one more day. I want to see him tuck face into David’s belly as he gets pets.
One more night with him curled against my belly as I fall asleep with my face in his fur like we did so many times before. He’d be gone when I woke up. I’d have my day. I would like a weekend. I would love to have forever.
But I don’t want to be greedy.
Please, just one day?

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