I am stupid

I am so stupid! How stupid am I? I schedule an appointment at the Apple store Genius Bar at 5pm on a Saturday night at the Apple Store in the Mall of America just weeks before Christmas. Dumb.
On the other hand I spent almot 2.5 hours there and got a lot of help and advice on my computer issues and it was all free. He even backed up my 4 gb of photos onto a dvd for me as my computer was not wanting to burn dvd’s for me. Now, if my computer dies, I will not have lost over 5000 photos, the bulk of which are of Ghengis. I have 10 gb of music, if I lose that I’ll be sad…but you know, whatever. If I lose my Ghengis photos…well, you know.
Anyway, I need to wipe my hard drive completely, reinstall the system and then slowly put my stuff on there. If that doesn’t work then my hard drive is dying and I’ll have to get a new Mac Book Pro. Thank god for the school discount and the interest free loans through payroll deduction! I love my job.
Seriously, now is not the best time for me to be buying a new computer, but, fuckity.
In other news, the dogs are cute, happy and totally rambunctious. I have upwards of 80 1/2 pints worth of food to can next weekend at my mom’s (and that doesn’t include the innumerable 4 ounce jars of mustard I need to make). I will hopefully be making pineapple jam today with the pineapples we bought but didn’t use.
Now we are off to meet Keith so he can take us to Costco to buy the things that will be processed and crammed into jars next weekend.