I got some good advice and I think I got the issue with IE fixed with this site. Of course, if it isn’t fixed those of you on IE won’t see this message and be able to say “hey, you’re wrong, it’s not fixed!”
Who knows.
My opinion on the Saddam thing? Bread and circuses, that’s all any of this is anymore. Celebrating his conviction is like celebrating Monday. Did you think it wasn’t going to happen? They could have brought him up on charges of jaywalking and found him guilty and sentenced him to death. Now, please, don’t misinterpret this and think I am a Saddam supporter or I think his conviction was wrong. I think he is a terrible human being, and while I oppose the death penalty in theory I can’t say he doesn’t deserve it. All I’m saying is that regardless of the correctness of the situation, it’s just a smokescreen, an illusion used to divert our attention. He was never NOT going to be convicted just like Monday is never NOT going to happen.
Bread and circuses, that’s all.
Now I’m off to buy cricket food and mealworms and touch the little bunnies because they are softer than you.

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