Internet Explorer…

As far as I can tell, the problem I mention before occurs only with IE7 on a pc. It seems earlier iterations of IE work fine and of course REAL BROWSERS on all platformshave no problems at all.
Sorry, but IE is such a crappy browser compared to, oh, I don’t know, a rock shoved through your screen, that I’m surprised they keep coming out with new versions.
Anyway, since I’m using Firefox on a mac both at home and work, I’m having a hard time seeing the issue. Any feedback would be appreciated.

too much?

To be filed under “too much effort”?
I’m in a pasta mood lately, specifically, in a roll my own sort of mood. Also, in a pumpkin, apple, kale, sage kind of mood.
I mixed one pound of flour with one can of pumpkin, let the stand mixer knead this for me and I let it rest. Well, obviously, the ratio was way off and it needed way more flour, the dough was too wet. The problem is that of you knead in any more flour you have to let it rest again. So I added the flour and let it rest.
It was still wet when I went to roll it, but not terribly so. At this stage, if the dough is not too wet, you can dust it liberally with flour before each rolling.
I made a sauce of kale, apples, garlic, sage and fennel seed and the whole meal would have been perfect had I not overcooked the pasta by just a minute. Dang.
David is telling me lately that I’ve been working too hard on dinners, but it’s the best I have to give so I keep doing it.
There’s still half the dough left and I am thinking gorgonzola, pear, hazelnut sauce…


You know you’re tired when the lady on the radio says, “The weather is supported by Seabiz…” and you spend a minutes trying to figure out how you support the weather. Do you go out and congratulate the sun? Buy groceries for the clouds? Hold an intervention for the jet stream?
Then you figure it out and you’d laugh but your face is too tired.

2 years

2 years ago I went on a date with this guy. He was sweet, smart and funny. Part way through dinner he noticed I was meticulously picking the onions out of my meal. I don’t like onions and had not realized that my choice would be so loaded with them. He offered to exchange dinners even though he was a vegetarian and my dinner had chicken in it.
“Too nice for me,” I thought. I figured if we spent enough time together he’d figure out what kind of asshole I was and stop returning my calls. On the other hand he was a really good kisser so I figured I’d ride the ride until he came to his senses.
And here we are, two years later. He’s still rectifying my mistakes, putting up with my bad habits and shaking his head at my asshole nature. He’s survived my moods, my crankiness, my dogs. He likes my cooking and my jokes and my fat ass.
I always figured I was fun for the first few months, one of those goofy chicks that are a crazy good time but not really worth it once things start getting real. For the past 2 years I could never really figure out why he stayed, why he liked me so much. I just don’t know.
But I like that he’s here and I love the way he smiles and the way he laughs and the way he lets me know that things are going to be okay.


1) why is it that in Monsters Inc Boo’s parents aren’t concerned that she is missing for a few days? Maybe they are? Maybe the alternate POV movie is Poltergeist! Closets, monsters, people going missing. Sure it seems funny from the monster’s point of view, but I bet it’s really fucking freaky from the parent’s point of view.
2) apparently this site doesn’t show up if you are using internet explorer on a pc. I did not know that. I’m assuming it’s because people using IE on a PC can’t see the site and assume there’s something wrong with it and don’t tell me. orsomething. Okay, so if anyone knows about CSS and why this might be happening, please let me know.
3) it’s my anniversary weekend and I have a cold.