too much?

To be filed under “too much effort”?
I’m in a pasta mood lately, specifically, in a roll my own sort of mood. Also, in a pumpkin, apple, kale, sage kind of mood.
I mixed one pound of flour with one can of pumpkin, let the stand mixer knead this for me and I let it rest. Well, obviously, the ratio was way off and it needed way more flour, the dough was too wet. The problem is that of you knead in any more flour you have to let it rest again. So I added the flour and let it rest.
It was still wet when I went to roll it, but not terribly so. At this stage, if the dough is not too wet, you can dust it liberally with flour before each rolling.
I made a sauce of kale, apples, garlic, sage and fennel seed and the whole meal would have been perfect had I not overcooked the pasta by just a minute. Dang.
David is telling me lately that I’ve been working too hard on dinners, but it’s the best I have to give so I keep doing it.
There’s still half the dough left and I am thinking gorgonzola, pear, hazelnut sauce…