1) why is it that in Monsters Inc Boo’s parents aren’t concerned that she is missing for a few days? Maybe they are? Maybe the alternate POV movie is Poltergeist! Closets, monsters, people going missing. Sure it seems funny from the monster’s point of view, but I bet it’s really fucking freaky from the parent’s point of view.
2) apparently this site doesn’t show up if you are using internet explorer on a pc. I did not know that. I’m assuming it’s because people using IE on a PC can’t see the site and assume there’s something wrong with it and don’t tell me. orsomething. Okay, so if anyone knows about CSS and why this might be happening, please let me know.
3) it’s my anniversary weekend and I have a cold.

4 thoughts on “Issues

  1. Indeed, your blog content doesn’t show up in Explorer, at least not on my laptop. All I see is the header image and a blank pinkish page. (No annoying clutter, anyway!)
    I see that your CSS code is included as an external reference. I’m not at all a CSS guru (although I’m getting further “into” it), but I can offer a bit of advice in general-purpose debugging: When in doubt, simplify.
    In this case, the first thing I’d do would be to include the CSS code as part of the main page, rather than as a separate file; perhaps Explorer isn’t properly reading the CSS code and applying it.
    If you’d like me to look at the CSS in more detail, please contact me. I can’t promise to be God’s gift to CSS, but if nobody more competent volunteers to help, I can probably be of some use.

  2. I don’t know the first thing about css, it’s all just part of the package from MovableType. I even used the handy dandy template generator they offered to create the look of the place. Very little skill involved, just click and type in the color code. Easy.
    Easy until I find out things aren’t working for an entire platform. dang. I’ll email you later today maybe we can figure this out. Thanks for your response.

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