I was having one of those weeks and I went out to see my dad one morning so he could help me feel better. Now my dad is not like your dad, he’s not a slumlord or a gynecologist or the captain of a ghost ship. My dad has a ‘retirement job’, as in he retired from a job he hated and decided the one thing he wanted to do more than anything was to fly helicopters again.
And you should always do in retirement the thing you love the most! Luckily for my dad, his retirement activity comes with a paycheck as opposed to the whole “villa in tuscany” thing which has the opposite effect.
My dad flies medivac helicopters in town. If you are in a terrible car accident in the middle of nowhere or if you have a strange 14 syllable disease at a country hospital or if you are a teeny tiny baby in need of super special care they’re gonna chopper in help and chances are, my dad will be at the controls and you are in safe hands.
This is his little LifeLink copter. It’s very small, but pretty fast. It’s so small that the patient’s feet sit next to my dad as he flies. (that’s Mike putting new locks on the doors so no one steal the packs of tubes or vials of precious liquids)

This is my dad at the rear of the copter helping them get it attached to the tractor thing that pulls it into the hangar.

My morning started out so crappily and within an hour my dad made it better and we were laughing. I met his coworkers and I could tell they really liked and respected him. I think there is little that a daughter can see that compares to seeing her dad being liked and respected as a genuinely good guy.

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