One day I’ll have my revenge

You know you are a total nerd when…
David and I finally went to go see Wordplay tonight, you know the movie about the crossword puzzle enthusiasts. Towards the end of the movie Neal Conan came on. You are a total nerd when you see Neal Conan and you get all excited because you listen to him on “Talk of the Nation” every single day!!!!! Oh man, it’s a good thing I already ensared David, because at this point i’m oozing so much nerd stink it is possible I could never get laid again.
In other not so interesting news…
This past weekend was damned near perfect and there was not much of note to report on, we watched crickets breed, there was a romantic picnic by the lake, Jessi and Ahmed had a lovely housewarming party. It was good.
I’m doing crocheted ‘shop models’ for the Clickety Sticks Yarn Shop. Shop models are the sweaters and purses and whatnots that you see hanging in the yarn stores. Usually you see something and say “I WANT TO MAKE THAT!!!” and they sell you the pattern and the yarn. They’re doing that with one of my purses right now (so they’re selling my original pattern. woo) and hopefully I’ll get the damned messenger bag pattern together for them and they can sell that as well. Right now, however, I am making patterns that they give me, not my originals, because they need more crocheted clothing and I just don’t know enough to make my own clothes patterns yet. The goal is to start to attract more crocheters. People will come in and say “I WANT TO MAKE THAT!!!” and then will have to “I don’t know how crochet” and the store people will say “come to our class”. The yarn store will make money, the customer will learn a valuable skill, my work will be on display and I will get paid in yarn. Everyone wins.
Also, where do you get those little tags you can put into your handmade crochet items that say “lovingly made for you by…”? or whatever the hell they say?
Yeah, so I need to get started on my shop model and stop this rambly random post of pointlessness.

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